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NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health & Safety Training Courses London

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  • The 15 Day NEBOSH Training Course is the flagship course for Construction Managers.
  • It is widely recognised both in the UK and abroad as the leading Health & Safety Qualification for Managers, Supervisors, Foremen, Project Managers, Site Engineers, Architects and all those that lead a team within construction – Subcontractors included.
  • This SMSTS training is held at our training centre in London Finchley, there is Free Parking available.
  • We do also have Training Centres in London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Kent, Essex and Kensington.
  • If you prefer just to secure your place today and pay later, you can place a £50 deposit by calling 020 7993 50 30
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In-Company Training

Do you need the training held just for your company and team only? Call us on 020 7993 50 30 or complete the form below.

NEBOSH Enquiry Form

  • Training Required: IOSH Managing Safely Training/First Aid at Work? Number of delegates if known, Location, Month/Date etc.

NEBOSH Training Courses (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health)

NEBOSH Course Programme

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) course is a 12 training programme suited for managers, supervisors and staff from all types of establishments who are in need of understanding health and safety issues.
The qualification covers the fundamentals of health and safety issues associated in construction and intends to provide students with a in depth study of how to determine and manage workplace hazards.

Course Content & Overview:
Unit 1: NGC1 – Management of Health & Safety
• Foundations in Health & Safety
• Health & Safety Management Systems 1 – Plan
• Health & Safety Management Systems 2 – Do
• Health & Safety Management Systems 3 – Check
• Health & Safety Management Systems 4 – Act
Unit 2: NCC1 – Managing and Controlling Hazards in Construction Activities
• Construction Law And Management
• Construction Site – Hazards & Risk Control
• Vehicle & Plant Movement – Hazards & Risk Control
• Musculoskeletal Hazards & Risk Control
• Work Equipment – Hazards & Risk Control
• Electrical Safety
• Fire Safety
• Chemical & Biological Health Hazards And Risk Control
• Physical & Psychological Health – Hazards & Risk Control
• Working At Height – Hazards And Risk Control
• Excavation Work & Confined Spaces – Hazards & Risk Control
• Demolition & Deconstruction – Hazards & Risk Control

Unit GC3: Health and Safety Practical Application

Entry Requirements
The NEBOSH course requires students to have a good compression of reading, spoken and written English.
Please Note:
This course is handled in English and so it is fundamental that students sure able to understand English
If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.

Course Materials
All training material are accommodated for the training course which students will keep.

Students are required to attend all 12 days of the training course as well as actively participating throughout the course.
Failure to attend will result in not being issued with a certificate and must enrol on a new NEBOSH course and attend the full 12 days again.
Students will be undertaking written examinations for the 2 units which need to be completed.
Once both units and a practical assessment has been successfully completed, the full qualification is then awarded.

Qualification & Renewal
Passing students will receive the NEBOSH National Construction Certificate.
The NEBOSH qualification doesn’t have an expiry date however it is advised student take a NEBOSH Refresher course every 3 years to keep their knowledge up to date.

Our NEBOSH course tutors are accredited by IOSH and are high;y experienced professionals, with 20+ years of experience in Safety and Health and other backgrounds.

Grants Available
For those companies who are enlisted with the CITB for grant and Levy purposes, you are able to claim (subject to CITB approval) £50 per day of training for this NEBOSH course. This would come to £600 that can be claimed for the NEBOSH Course.
Grant process: Please make sure your delegate is given the Company Name, Registered Address and CITB Levy number.
The student is needed to give these details during their class on their personal registration form.
The CITB will then proceed the grant utilizing these details directly with the registered company post completion of the course.

In House Training
This NEBOSH course is also accessible via in house training. We will able to arrange a trainer to travel to your company premises to provide training to the class on dates of your choosing. If this is a more convenient option for you then please contact us for further details.
Please Note:
The minimum class size for the NEBOSH is 4 students.


Will lunch be provided?
There will be coffee & biscuits, however students will have to bring their own pack lunch as we will not be providing them with any.

Is there free Parking?
Some venues have/don’t have free parking. Venues with free parking must be registered at reception each of the course.

How long are the certificates valid?
NEBOSH Certificates have no expiry date.

What are the hours of the course?
The hours are 9am to 5pm for a 12 day course. In total, it’s a 96 hour course.

Is the NEBOSH Construction course accredited?
NEBOSH accredited

Do I need any previous experience before I do the NEBOSH course?
NO previous qualifications are needed. However experience is useful throughout the training but it is NOT a requirement.